Game Warden and Lobbyist

In 1909, Dyche became the fish and game warden of Kansas. He had big plans: to end the corruption of deputy wardens, rebuild and expand the state hatchery, and make stricter hunting and fishing laws for better conservation of wildlife.

Over the course of his tenure, he rebuilt the state hatchery, strengthened regulations, and educated the public about proper aquaculture and the benefits of fish ponds. Dyche’s cry, “A fish pond on every farm!” was heard across the state as he traveled in Angler 1, the official boxcar of the state game warden.

Dyche lobbied in Topeka for much of his last years, on behalf of the university as well as conservation. His most successful bill was known as the “Dyche Bill.” It expanded conservation efforts by prohibiting the types of guns used and the type of animals that could be hunted, and increased fines. Although the bill was met with public dissent, it was passed into law on March 9, 1911.

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