Meet Your Instructors

Programs offered through the public education department are developed and taught by museum education professionals with science backgrounds and years of experience teaching in informal learning environments.

Teresa MacDonald

Photo of Teresa MacDonald in cape

Teresa MacDonald is Director of Education at the KU Natural History Museum. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, honors, in physical anthropology and a Master of Science in vertebrate paleontology. She has more than twenty years of science teaching experience in museums, science centers, universities and schools from kindergarten to college level on three continents. Teresa is also involved in several National Science Foundation grant-funded projects, including serving as the outreach director for Quarked! Adventures in the Subatomic Universe, a physics education project, was the Principal Investigator for the Understanding the Tree of Life project, is Co-PI and outreach lead for the Euteleost Tree of Life project, and is a partner on the IMLS-funded project The Tree Room: Teaching and learning about evolutionary relationships.

Selected Papers
MacDonald, T., and Wiley, E.O. (2012). Communicating phylogeny: Evolutionary tree diagrams in museums. Evolution Education and Outreach, 5:14-28. DOI 10.1007/s12052-012-0387-0. (KU ScholarWorks

MacDonald, T., and Bean, A. (2011). Adventures in the Subatomic Universe: An exploratory study of a scientist-museum physics education project. Public Understanding of Science, 20(6):846-862.

MacDonald, T. (2010). Communicating Phylogeny: Evolutionary tree diagrams in museums. Paper presented at NARST (National Association for Research in Science Teaching) annual conference, Philadelphia, PA, March. 

Bekkah Lampe

Bekkah Lampe is the Museum Educator at the KU Natural History Museum. She holds a bachelor of science in biology and a master of arts in ecology, evolution and marine biology. She has worked in the education departments of the Carolina Raptor Center in Huntersville, NC, the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore, MD and the Ty Warner Sea Center in Santa Barbara, CA. Bekkah contributes to various grant projects including creating Science Shorts, mini videos exploring energy topics for Quarked! Adventures in the Subatomic Universe.