Camp Descriptions

Please note that not all camps are offered every year; three camps are offered each year.  Watch for information in February about 2014 camps here.

Even Years

NEW CAMP in 2014 - Sea Science

Squid, salt, seashells and more! Explore the intriguing and diverse world of marine biology in our new camp.


Join us for a dynamic, fast-paced science adventure. Campers will participate in a range of engaging activities from across the sciences both in the museum and at outdoor campus locations.

Geology Explorations

Become a field geologist for a day! Learn about rocks, minerals and fossils while exploring the geology of Kansas.

Odd Years

Dinosaur Detectives

Dig into the past with a simulated dinosaur dig. Learn how to identify dinosaurs and other fossils that provide clues to reconstructing extinct creatures and the ancient environment in which they lived.

Space Odyssey

Blast off for space adventure. Discover the principles behind stars, meteors and more. Build and test your own rocket. Don’t worry – it is rocket science.

Aquatic Biology

Make a splash in this popular program that explores our local waters. Discover how the animals we will find tell us water is clean, and learn to use professional water quality meters. Be prepared to get muddy and wet!

View the data collected by camp participants Aquatic Biology Data Summary.