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Morning in Kangerlussuaq was not much different from afternoon or evening—sun shining cheerfully away, temperatures of around fifty degrees, and a light wind keeping away the hungry swarms of Satan’s air force known colloquially as “mosquitoes”. I got up early so I could get a first crack at wildlife, Greenland-style. It turns out KISS is right on the Watson River, which was a lovely morning scramble down fine silt dunes and over glacier- and water-carved rocks. I got my first looks of the trip at Snow bunting, Common redpoll, and Northern wheatear.

Reality: Greenland

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By Train, Plane, and Camel
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Tuesday. Greenland.

It’s finally starting to sink in that I am, in fact, leaving for Greenland on Tuesday. TUESDAY.  GREENLAND.  For the sake of you, the reader, as well as to drill the reality of what we are actually doing into my own head, here’s an introductory post.

ice sheets

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